The Toppers

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All of us who have been through any sort of formal education will know the toppers of our class. They generally, sit on the first row in the classroom and are keen to listen to every word from the teacher. They sincerely take notes and submit assignments on time. Most of their classmates rely on them to get notes for photocopying before examination. Their assignments are passed on to the class. They tend to find solution for every question in the book and burn the midnight oil to get things solved. Their friends also include a set of students who do well in the class. These goody good students can be seen in libraries or labs but never hangs around in canteen or other random places in the campus. Many a time, teachers also ask other students to refer their lab records and notes for clarifications.

While the topper kids are very good in their academics, I have noticed that they are mostly performance driven and go by rules and regulations.They desire and want to be the first in everything. They are constantly stressed, hypothetical and have difficulties in adapting to what is set on their minds. They have a lot of pride and cannot accept failures or rejection.

To be successful in the lfe ahead, I used to feel that these kids should understand that ‘academics is not all life’. Developing wisdom to make the right choices in life is imperative compared to the knowledge gained in the class. I think, as teachers, we should help our students develop wisdom and the right attitude that can help them wisely manage the ever-changing conditions of today’s world.

“Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.”James 3:13

What else do you think we should help the toppers understand?

Hey there..

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Most of my time these days revolve around students from handling courses, to evaluating their answer scripts, assignments, laboratory sessions to research and coding and MATLAB. I consider it a God given priviledge and opportunity to deal with the young, innovative and entertaining minds at work.

As, this lock down season has given some time for us, I thought I can share somethings that I have learnt from my students at work. Though it is not a one size fits all, I am sure my experience might encourage one another as well.

Do let me know in the comments, what you think of this idea!


Come what may!

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I walked down the trail,

Each day with lots of enthusiasm and zeal…

And the strong nail pierced hand

Carefully pulling me through the land!


Many a time happy, with lots of roses

But mostly filled with delays and trials

The await ‘What’s gonna happen?”

Always holds on, in every move and turn


Neither a day nor an experience is alike..

The challenges ahead can’t get light

But, the process gets easy and the end is fun..

Coz of this strong hand that never lets down!


Though suspense and anxiety always come along..

Christ’s faithfulness – till the end and from the beginning

Assuring His presence every time and everywhere

Making me move along with Him, be it anywhere!!






Holding on…


When schedules and appointments

Fly so high, like an eagle

Leaving no time, to think or work…

When the limits of my tolerance

Are put to check

And I feel like breaking down…

When plans do not turn

The way I would like them to be,

And days move so fast

With not a productive task 😦

When I feel blind folded

Abandoned, lonely and not helped…

Father, help me hold on…

And know that, You are beside me

And Your grace is sufficient

To handle every struggle..




My Lord Jesus!

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This morning I was meditating on the sufferings Jesus endowed before being crucified. There is a lot to learn from all that Jesus went through on the cross. This poem depicts a few.

Lord, as You were alone standing
Calm and composed, before the high priest..
With people around consistently accusing
You show us Lord, the bench mark of patience!

Lord, when Peter and the other dear disciples
In a tough hour, slept, betrayed and ran away,
You did care and understood human weakness..
The peak of being humble, Your life portrays

Lord, even when in pain on the cross
Hurt and insulted and burdened and thirsty,
You prayed for your accusers – all we sinners,
Teaching us to love our enemies and for them pray!

Lord Jesus, enthroned with the Almighty
At His right hand, You plead to the Father..
In par of we, the sinful beings – creatues so silly
Your great love oh Lord, again and again proved!


Father, to You I come…

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Father, to You i come…
My heart is so sad and I am totally depressed
Lord, I need thee… I need thee more
To get back the joy and be refreshed!

Father, to You I come…
With all the mess I have caused, in this life
Lord, I need thee… I need thee more
To restore, rebuild and organize all strife!

Father, to You come..
Perplexed, confused, crazy and dumb
Lord I need thee.. I need thee more
To show me the way, catching my hand!

Father, thank You for You are there
To listen, hear, teach, rebuke and set my way…
Lord, You love me… You love me more
Helping me to persevere with thy greater joy!


Free me Lord

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Here is a poem by my dear friend Lynda. Yes, we load ourselves with all sorts of burdens in this world.. guilt, shame, fear and what not! Matthew 11:28-30 says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” We need to lean on Him to find the rest that no one else in this world can give us!

I am bound by burdens I forced myself to carry
Burden of guilt and shame,
Burden of fear, fear that I may fail You and fall into sin
Burdened by my own expectations
And of others that I try to please
Lord I feel so burdened this morning

You told of the Pharisees don’t burden the people
I look into myself and I feel like a captive
How much I need Your refreshing touch
I have spent enough time biting sand because of the weight on me.
It doesn’t taste good Lord for that is not what I am supposed to be

You promised a life of freedom, a life of rest
I hear Your voice still calling ‘ Come to me lay your burdens to rest’
Lord will You take my burden today and free me that I may
Be all that You want me to be
Lord to find my freedom and life in You

Lord You care less of what I do on the outside
You care more for who I am on the inside
Lord take me as I am – sinful and ugly
Burn the dross and make me pure Lord
May I come forth as gold cleansed and purified
Trusting and grateful that You will keep me from falling

You are true to Your every promise Lord
And I place my fear of falling and failing to You
May Your grace keep me from falling
May Your Spirit keep me close to You
May Your word be the light and
Lord, may I stay faithful to the end.

Thank you Lynda Keren for this nice poem and sharing here. 


The Race

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One fine morning, I was meditating on the influence of one person to a community. A leader can build or destroy and all his/her action today has an impact on the future! The leader may correct his mistake and go on with life, but it may not be so with the other people who were influenced! 

As  I was thinking on how careful and wise I should be in every action, decision, word and deed, God ministered to me telling it is not about how careful we are, but it is all about who we are! When our inner being is aligned with God then all our actions, decisions, word and deed follows… Hence it is very important that our inner man is strengthened each day with Gods word and out of that great love in the inside, we are on the outside… 


There is a race that I run,

In this world, as a human..

The fountain of love,

That springs from above

Flows into my crazy heart…

Helping me run by grace – so great!

Sometimes forward, sometimes backward

Fast, slow, still or downward..

Evil thoughts, desires and actions

Plunder away all joy and fun!

But thy words, grant each day

Wisdom and grace, teaching the way!

This race that I run,

Father, I want to finally win.

The day when I will see Your face..

Should be filled with smiles;

I yearn and long for that grace

As I run each day – this race!

May this final win that I desire

Be also a daily affair!

Let thy love and grace, from above

Abound, enrich, equip and flow

From the inside to the outside

Glorifying You in every side!


One whole day

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Carrying the gift of an whole day,
I just can see, how I while it away!
Given authority to do whatever I want,
My hands login always to FB account.

“Be productive, productive”, I always say…
But not an hour or day passes that way!
Knowing time- a resource, precious and great
Once wasted can never again be tasted!

Wretched lady I am, with my own strength,
Never will I be able to pull any length..
Lord, be gracious unto me, help, teach and say
‘To make the best’ of each passing day!

This morning during my quiet time, I was analyzing how I spend my time everyday at work. Being a research student I have the flexibility to do whatever I want and no one ever bothers to ask me anything. Everyday I pray to be productive, but mostly end up doing some work or idling. The last week was a tragedy to me where I literally wasted every single moment I should say. I do not how and why, I did plan something, but never achieved any. I was so cranky and crazy!

Today the first day of the new month, I thank God for ministering to me and I trust in His strength to be productive!

PS: Wrote this on 1-Aug, 2012

For my GLEE!!

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Lord, You know it all
And You work it all…


Not a single thing – even minute
Can be hidden from thy sight!
You provide and bring it all..
Just for me to grow and stand tall!


 Might be a spreading mildew
 Or a crazy thing – weird and new..
 A joy, encouragement or happiness
 Reflecting thy great graciousness


I know Lord, it is all and all for my glee
Drawing me each day – closer to thee!

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